Koine Finance Ltd is an EMI Agent of an e-money issuer authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Koine's FCA register number is: 902023.


We are an issuer of digital money and securities which are fully backed by real world assets and currencies.

We provide services to financial institutions, capital markets, commercial trading communities and wealth managers.

The core benefits of Koine

Eliminating intermediaries and counter-party risk.

Reducing friction and cost in payments.

Providing the safest place for the custody of cash and other assets.

Securing the highest level of regulatory compliance.

Koine Finance Ltd is an EMI Agent of an e-money issuer authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Koine's FCA register number is: 902023.



We provide full visibility of the same data we share with our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (UK). We provide real-time information about our reserves, liquidity and the assets that are backing our issued digital tokens. We will publish regular reports from our internal and external auditors and will publish a quarterly risk statement approved by our independent directors.


We will achieve new levels of compliance based on continuous KYC, active AML monitoring of all digital money flows and dynamic risk management techniques. We are supportive of tax collection by the state and abide by capital controls imposed by monetary authorities. We will freeze any accounts engaged in suspicious activity and report to authorities. We respect our clients' right to privacy and will only share your data where required by law.


Our systems are built and operated by experienced professionals used to running market-critical services. By design, and through using new systems, our services are inherently more secure than existing banking systems. Whilst our clients remain responsible for the management of their account access, we offer solutions to manage loss of access, theft and erroneous transfers.


Utilitarian pricing of money transfers, almost instantly, every hour of every day. We don’t have “banking hours”. FX can be integrated into transactions at wholesale market rates. Interest is paid/charged on a daily basis. For retail clients, we offer automated dispute resolution and recovery for erroneous payments, provided you notify us within a timely manner. Historical transaction records always available, immutable and non-disputable.

Minting digital fiat & synthetics

We issue fixed value digital tokens secured against assets or currency. These digital tokens can be used for payments, trading or settlement for goods, services and financial instruments.

Prime brokerage platform

We offer a prime brokerage platform incorporating custody, transaction execution, settlement and payment for crypto-exchanges. We provide a professional end-to-end service for brokers and institutional investors. We do not offer credit or margin trading facilities directly.

Outsourced KYC

Where our clients are managing payment or trading platforms we offer the option of conducting KYC and AML on your behalf to both avoid duplication and reduce compliance costs.

Custody of crypto-assets

We provide an integrated custody service for crypto-assets to funds and wealth managers. Minimum of $5m. Our custody service is directly integrated with a number of crypto-exchanges to facilitate safe trading practises with instant settlement. Your assets are never put at risk.

Funds management of crypto-assets

If you are interested in establishing a crypto-asset fund do contact us for further detail. We are working with established fund governance and global custodians and can provide turnkey fund management solution in most jurisdictions. Minimum fund size $30m.

Settlement and payment

Our solution provides for simultaneous settlement and payment in multiple fiat currencies in trading for securities, commodities, FX and digital assets.


  • Phil Mochan
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Al Moore
    Founder & Chief Commercial Officer


  • Nic Martin
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Alex Daly
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Francesco Roda
    Chief Risk Officer
  • Matt Dangerfield
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Sandra Alzetta
    Chief Product Officer