Institutional grade custody and settlement services

Koine Finance Ltd is an EMI Agent of an e‑money issuer authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Koine's FCA register number is: 902023.


Koine will provide custody and settlement services that allow institutions to store digital assets securely and to trade them safely and efficiently.

Our services are focused at the professional services market including investment companies, funds, brokers, trading communities, wealth managers and digital exchanges.

The core aims of Koine

Provide a safe place for the custody of digital assets.

Establish bank grade levels of regulatory compliance and governance.

Provide continuous ownership of assets throughout trading.

Provide custody of fiat to enable payment and settlement of digital assets.

Minimise settlement and counter-party risk.

Ensure fast settlement and inter-exchange transfers with low cost.


We will provide real-time information about our liquidity and assets that back our issued digital tokens (on request and subject to the terms and conditions of each client agreement). We will provide risk statements on a quarterly basis to existing Koine clients on request.


We will actively monitor all client accounts and transactions on an ongoing basis, using innovative digital intelligence to achieve and maintain regulatory requirements and standards. We will report any suspicious activity to the relevant authorities.


Our systems are being developed, built and operated by experienced professionals who are used to running market-critical services. We will offer all our clients solutions to manage loss of access, theft and erroneous transfers.


We will provide instant settlement (24/7) with a simple and transparent pricing structure. We do not have “banking hours”. FX can be integrated into transactions at wholesale market rates. Fees will be charged on a daily basis. We will offer automated dispute resolution and recovery for erroneous payments.

Custody of digital assets

We will provide an integrated custody service for digital assets to institutional clients. Minimum of $5m. Our custody service will allow clients to store digital assets securely and will be directly integrated with a number of crypto-exchanges to facilitate safe and efficient trading practices with instant settlement.


Our solution provides for real time settlement in multiple fiat and digital currencies.

Minting digital tokens

We will issue fixed value digital tokens secured against digital assets or fiat currency. These digital tokens may be used for payments, trading or settlement for goods, services and financial instruments.


  • Phil Mochan
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
  • Al Moore
    Founder & Chief Commercial Officer


  • Nic Martin
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Jonathan Smith
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Francesco Roda
    Chief Risk Officer
  • Matt Dangerfield
    Chief Technical Officer
  • Sandra Alzetta
    Chief Product Officer